I help spiritual, sensitive souls break free from inner and outer constraints

and create new pathways for healing and self-growth.  

do you feel shackled

By other people’s expectations of you?

Perhaps you’ve sacrificed and minimized your authentic inner voice trying to “fit in”.

Or you’ve taken on patterns and behaviors that limit you and leave you feeling empty and disconnected.

Collective Karma, Family Karma, and a pervasive close minded cultural environment often leave us feeling small, disconnected, and disempowered.

If you long to access your own inner resources and intuition, energy healing can help remove the constraints holding you back and create new pathways for healing and self-growth.

Your journey

To Healing and Inner Peace


Reach out and connect. Our greatest breakthroughs in life often happen when we engage with others.


Engage and open. Honor your inner voice as a trusted friend that can guide you to freedom and inner well being.


Once those energetic blocks are removed, you’ll be free to create and live your life from within.

Corinne Salicco

Energy Healing Practitioner and Soul Guide

Corinne is a trained Energy Healing Practitioner and Soul Guide. She helps people unshackle from the traditions of our modern day culture to live a more soul expressed life. Corinne utilizes her training in energy healing, channeling and shamanism to help her clients move and gain to a higher level of within themselves. Corinne has studied Energy Healing and Channeling with The Energy Healing Institute as well as Techniques in Shamanism with The Divine Mother Healing School.

She helps guide others into releasing energetic patterns which limit the soul’s experience and personal truth.

From her perspective and experience, we are all being guided to live a more soul expressed life. Corinne is honored to be apart of your journey. Alongside other healing modalities and self-care techniques. Energy Healing can be a powerful tool for inner peace and clarity.

I help you find inner clarity that creates a direct pathway to healing, evolution, peace, and direction.  

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